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Donna Paulsen/Harvey Specter Community

I'll get the can opener.

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Donna Paulsen/Harvey Specter community for fans of USA network's, Suits

Can I get you anything? Tissue, glass of water... tampon?

Welcome to donna_harvey, the Donna Paulsen/Harvey Specter community for the USA network series, Suits. Fic, art, music vids, news, episode discussions, and more! Keep spoilers behind cuts, and for the love of all, refrain from the use of "Darvey" - this is an adult relationship we're talking about here, and we're going to use very grown-up words to describe exactly how sexy, right and hot it is.
1. Respect your fellow lj-ers, the show, and the actors.
2. Tag your posts.
3. Label your work with spoiler warning (if relevant), and an appropriate rating: G (general), T (teen), M (mature), A (adult).

Fanfic must have the following:
- the title of your story
- the rating
- an approximate wordcount
- warnings about content (including spoilers)
- include a link, or put the story content behind a cut

4. Put spoilers behind cuts.
5. Note: this journal does not promote, encourage, or condone illegal activities. Any portrayal of illegal activities is purely fictional.
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