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Donna/Harvey Comment Fic-A-Thon

In honor of onlywordsnow's birthday, and of all Donna/Harvey fans that are stuck in hiatus hell just waiting for January, let's have some fun! The first ever donna_harvey comment fic-a-thon!

- The Golden Rules -

* Prompt as many times as you would like, but please keep it to one prompt per comment.
* A prompt can be a full scenario, a lyric, a situation, an emotion, etc. (i.e., he almost wished that she were more vulnerable. it half broke his heart that she didn’t need him desperately).
* Unless explicitly stated within your prompt, all ratings are viable.

* Post replies as comments to the prompt.
* There is no set word limit for the length of a fic.
* If your fic goes beyond the LJ character limits for comments (4,300, which includes spaces), you can either post it in parts (1/2, 2/2, etc.) or post an excerpt and link back to the full fic hosted elsewhere.
* There can be multiple fic replies to one prompt.

* Prompting and fic replies are open simultaneously.
* The more folks joining in to prompt/write, the more fun it is. So put on the party hat!
* Help celebrate fics with comments, gif spams, and flail!
* The fic-a-thon will remain open until we decide to close it. Which could mean it's open until the next hiatus when we start another one. So go wild.
Tags: !mod post, fic - adult, fic - general, fic - mature, fic - teen, fic-a-thon
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